An exhibition exploring skate and BMX culture.

Richard Gilligan put down his skateboard in favour of his camera, to spend five years documenting make-shift skateparks built all over the world. 'It takes time dedication and a great deal of stubbornness to become a skateboarder. Some people have likened it to wild animals building dens in the wild, I really love that comparison.

©Charlotte Thomas

©Charlotte Thomas

Ricky Adam describes his approach as "Kinda Haphazard and often out of compulsion. I tend to only photograph things that genuinely interest me. I've found thats the way to get the best results." He has been involved in the D.I.Y. punk  community for years as well as being Co.Editor/Photographer for 'DIG BMX'.

Charlotte Thomas has been a skateboarder since she was 16 and is a regular face in the skateboarding world, presenting a female perspective to urban sport through her work 'Concrete Girls.'

The photographers have been included in publications including The New York Time, iD, The Last Magazine, Nylon, Monster Children, Lodown and Dazed & Confused.The Independent, Juxtapoz, Obey, Maximum, Rock N'Roll, Trap Magazine, Supra Skateboarding, Breaks Magazine and Girl Skate UK.


Venue: The Dock Market

Open: Tue - Sun, 12pm - 5pm