• Titanic Belfast (map)
  • 7 Queens Rd
  • Belfast, BT3
  • United Kingdom

Our talks series provides an opportunity to find out more about the exhibitions from the organisers and photographers perspectives.

This talk will be lead by local artist Richard Wade, who will discuss his photographic series of the national boxing culture, featured in the exhibition 'Boxing' at Titanic Belfast.

In this talk Wade, will briefly outline some key figures who made initial access possible, discussing his interest in physicality and masculinity, as well as the phsychology of the sport.

He will discuss the boxing gyms themselves and how they are important visual documents that represent the role the sport has played in the city and the broader history of Belfast.

Tour participants will get to see behind the scenes photographs of the shoots and benefit from hearing the individual stories of the fighters as well as the historic connection between boxing and photography.

During the talk Wade will also share information on other projects he is working on.


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