• Queens Film Theatre (map)
  • 20 University Square
  • Belfast, BT7
  • United Kingdom

The film will be followed by an award ceremony, where the winners of the Festival’s ‘Movie Poster Competition’ will be announced and awarded their prizes.

See how a generation of children learned the fundamentals of martial arts by washing their dad’s car, witness how ‘Mr Miyagi’ became a household name, stare in awe and realise that bullies can be beaten with a little help from the East.

Written by Robert Mark Kamen long before he delivered up box office hits Gladiator, Lethal Weapon 3, The Transporter and Taken, and directed by the bloke who made the first Rocky film, The Karate Kid is the black belt of 1980s revivals.

This screening is a partnership between Belfast Photo Festival Youth Edition and Cinemagic.


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