• T13 Skatepark (map)
  • 7 Queens Rd
  • Belfast, BT3
  • United Kingdom

Ever wanted to get that perfect action shot? Inspired by our exhibition 'Freestyle,' this workshop will help you to capture all the miraculous body moves, slasshes, twists and turns necessary for professional BMX and Skate photography. Capture these urban sports at their best with the guidance of one of the countries finest urban sports photographers.

Learn about:

  • timing
  • composition and perspective
  • techniques to get an impressive shot from easy trickets to hard tricks
  • working with surrounding/spots/skateparks to get the most our of your photos

This workshop will also introduce you to Northern Ireland's largest indoor skatepark, where you will learn everything you need to know, from the in camera basics in lighting and angling for the perfect shot.

Equipment: We recommend bringing your own camera, however camera's can be provided


AGES: 12-17